Attractive Location

Hotel is also attractive due to its location in the most interesting part of Topolcianky, at the beginning of the park between the beautiful Castle and the National Stud Farm. A morning run or an afternoon walk, a park full of singing birds, sparkling trees and roaring streams is a balm for the soul. English park has an area of 30.65 hectares and contains about three hundred species of trees from around the world, as well as several historic buildings and a unique water system from the end of the 19th century, supplying several lakes and fountains. Park has an exceptional historical and dendrological value and falls under several types of monument and nature protection. It’s foundations fall in the era of Keglevich de Buzin family, which came to Topoľčianky in 18th century. In the later period it belonged to the Habsburg family and since 1921 it has been under the administration of Forests Slovakia (LSR). The first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, especially liked it’s sidewalks.
We support this lively park environment that surrounds us and try to treat it sensitively and responsibly. Hradna straz is one of the founding members of the civic association Park Topolcianky, which has been cooperating with Forests Slovakia in cleaning and maintaining the park. We are active in the volunteer activities of the civic association and have supported them since the beginning.

Wide range of activities

By using the hotel services in a pleasant restaurant, sauna wellness or bowling, you are just getting to know what this location has to offer. In the former Czechoslovakia region, Topolcianky needs no introduction. It is a tourist center of the surrounding region, especially due to the concentration of several attractions in a small village. Opposite the hotel is the National Stud Farm, which every year between May and October organizes various international racing events. During longer stays in nice weather, we recommend visiting some of it’s five stud farms in the area. Ideally on bicycles, available for rent at the reception. Bicycle tours are attractive from spring to autumn, so do not hesitate to enjoy them. Topolcianky is already notorious for wine lovers. Local producer has a strong presence on the market and in cooperation, we can offer our guests interesting tastings of their wines. Religious community perceives Topolcianky through the annual pilgrimages and the beautiful church of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Close to Topolcianky is also a well-known bison enclosure. It does feature a trail, where you can watch these curious animals, facing complete extinction just a few decades ago.