General Terms and Conditions

I. Hotel is obliged to accommodate only guests who report to the reception upon arrival. Guests will be accommodated from 14:00. For this purpose, guests will present their ID or passport upon the arrival at the reception.

II. Hotel is entitled to require guests to pay a deposit of 100% of the booked services. Reservation will be confirmed after receiving the deposit.

III. In exceptional cases, hotel may offer guest an accommodation other than which has been booked and confirmed. This alternative accommodation must be in the vicinity and at the booked price level.

IV. Based on the confirmed reservation, hotel is obliged to accommodate guests during the entire period of their booked stay. During this time, hotel cannot dispose of the booked capacity.

V. If guest requests an extension of the accommodation period, hotel may offer him different room than in which he was accommodated, and the guest must accept this.

VI. Visitors can be received in common premises on the ground floor.

VII. From 22:00 to 6:00 guests must observe silent hours and not disturb other clients. In the event of a breach of silent hours, after being warned from the reception, or by another hotel employee or the police, hotel is entitled to impose a sanction for disturbing the silent hours or cancel the booked accommodation without compensation for the paid deposit.

VIII. Guests are entitled to use booked accommodation until 10:00 on the last day of stay. If guest does not vacate the room by 10.00, hotel may charge him for the next day.

IX. Guest is obliged to pay for the consumption from the minibar at latest at the moment of leaving the hotel.

X. If guest damages hotel facilities, he is obliged to report it to the reception immediately, but no later than at the time of departure. Hotel decides how to deal with the damage. Guests are liable for the damage according to the law of the Slovak Republic.

XI. Hotel does not allow guests to bring animals to the facility.

XII. Hotel provides guests with services in range and price valid at the time of booking.

XIII. Vehicles can enter hotel premises only by access roads and can be parked only at reserved parking spaces.

XIV. Hotel is not responsible for the things brought to the facility. Hotel is responsible for jewelry, money and other valuables only if it has taken them into custody (upon written confirmation).

XV. Hotel is not responsible for vehicles and things left in them, parked in reserved parking.

XVI. Guests may not move the equipment or make modifications in the installations in hotel premises without consent.

XVII. It is forbidden to consume own alcoholic beverages in the premises of hotel.

XVIII. Smoking is strictly prohibited in hotel. Guests are not allowed to open any kind fire inside, including candles or fireworks. Violation of this ban is punishable by a fine of 100 EUR. Smoking is only allowed outside.

XIX. Before leaving the hotel, guests are obliged to close window and water taps in the room, close the room and hand over the card at the reception.

XX. For safety reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under the age of 10 unattended.

XXI. Complaints and proposals to improve hotel services are accepted by the manager or receptionist.

XXII. Hotel has a fire regulations in a place that is visible and accessible to the guest. Guests are obliged to follow these regulations during their stay.

XXIII. Guests are obliged to comply with these terms, as well as the general moral and ethical rules common in the Slovak Republic. In case of violation, hotel has the right to withdraw of all its services before the agreed time.

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